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Who are we ? is an online store which is selling 100% Authentic vials, miniature and full size perfumes. 

Bloomlab Fragrances (KT0494066-W) have been founded and established since 2018. 

Why are we able to supply fragrances up to 60% lower than retail 

Fragrance Gray Market


It might sound close to the black market, but it’s not. The gray market is an entirely legal way to sell and buy products. Companies and even some consumers use it every day.


The gray perfume market is where fragrances are bought and sold legally, but outside of official selling channels.


The gray market sells products distributed by unauthorized retailers. But the perfumes are still totally legitimate. It’s just an alternate sales channel.

What does the gray market have to do with Bloomlab? Well, the gray market offers huge discounts in order to sell and buy large orders of fragrances quicker. Big price gaps occur, especially when they involve international parties. That means that Bloomlab can buy legitimate perfume for much cheaper than regular wholesale value.


The gray market is just one reason why Bloomlab can sell designer perfumes for less than others. If Bloomlab buys their brand name perfumes at majorly discounted rates, then they can sell them below MSRP.


Less Overhead Cost


The second reason Bloomlab’s perfumes are so cheap is because they only sell products online. Without retail stores, Bloomlab saves a lot of money on overhead costs. They don’t splurge on expensive storefronts or window displays because all they need is a warehouse and website.


The Bloomlab warehouse is located in Malaysia. This wholesale warehouse and headquarters are where they house products and handle customer service inquiries.


So next time you’re shopping at a fancy department store, keep in mind you’re paying for it!


Why choose us ?

We ensure you that our main focus will be in quality of the products. We make sure that customers get the best quality from us.





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